About Us

The service of the Spa Hungary Holding Ltd. and its group members is exceptional and unique in Hungary.

Its founder and owner is Kovacsics Imre, who is a nationally recognized expert in improving the medical, wellness and experience services of tourism. The developmental arc of our company group is exemplary. Starting from the initial screening and the facility management consulting, nowadays with the approach of economic sustainability and profitable operating the project administrators (councils, privte investors) ask for our professional guidance at the phase of wording ideas. By that, the operational view interconnects with the design phase, so such expert documents and studies are written, which are confirmed by experience supported numbers. This ensures a firm base for the projects, and later for the successful operation. The innovative thinking, which characterize our company means providing unique solutions for every projects, not presenting everyday ideas. Our business creed is that the key to success is to get visible in the crowd, which ensures a competitive advantage and guarantees the success of the facility’s services.