Facility operation and management

Many of our clients choose us to control the realization of projects, or to provide professional management after a complex screening, or to provide problem management services.

We run a close daily control in order to achieve the efficient and cost-effective operation covering all areas of the life of the facility. We organize the new work order, we pay attention to proper selection, training, and appearance of the front staff. We command and control the daily work of the employees. We measure the status of the building and its equipment, and arrange the continuous maintenance of them. By involving our network of professional relations and framework contracts, the procurements get more efficient and cost-effective. We provide professional supervision for the economic and labour division to have them function in order, and we help their work with experience based assistance. The full knowledge of specific official rules system of the spa sector, helps us to keep contact with professional organizations in preparing and updating the studies and regulations they request. Through the central marketing department of our company group, we support the marketing activities of the baths, and optimize their marketing costs.