Kovacsics Imre, a nationally recognized expert in the field of development of spa, wellness and experience tourism services, and the area of bath facilities management. Due to his applied management methods and innovative approaches, he has led many baths to success. In the recent years, during the management of seven baths at the same time –which is a record- (Győr, Agárd, Gyula, Tatabánya, Gyomaendrőd, Makó and Székesfehérvár), the baths’ equity under his guidance was close to 6 billion Forints, and the complexes provided jobs for a total of approximately 700 employees. The Spa facilities operate(d) as separate companies, and their chief executive is(was) Kovacsics Imre. With his guidance, during the bath operation and management, many investments and developments carried out with the use of their own resources, and supported project resources.

In addition, now there is a project with his professional advisory located at almost every corner of the country, and by his companies, he provides project management for the principals not just in the bath, but the hotel and urban development sectors as well.

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