Spa developments, projects and references realized by the activities of Kovacsics Imre – the Spa Hungary Holding Ltd. and other companies he controlled:


Gyomaendrőd Liget Beach Ltd.
  • chief engineer tasks
Komarno (Slovakia) city administration
  • revitalization plan of  Komarno thermal bath
Cseri Beach and Experience Bath Ltd. (Tatabánya)
  • Cseri Beach and Experience Bath Ltd. (Tatabánya)
  •  adventure pool investment project management
  • introduction of a quality management system professional management
Gyula Castle Spa Ltd.
  • professional management
  • development planning and coordination
Hévíz Spa and Szent András Rheumatism Hospital Public Company
  • complex technical screening
  • development of the bath’s and the hospital’s new professional concept
  • technical support
  • marketing and PR consultancy
Makó Thermal Bath Ltd.
  • operator consultancy
  • professional management of the development project
Gotthárd-Therm Ltd. (Szentgotthárd)
  • complex technical screening
Sóstó-SPA Ltd. (Nyíregyháza)
  • technical consultancy
  • producing the professional concept of the thermal bath’s complex, – health and adventure tourism
Szentes Resort Ltd.
  • complex technical screening
Förhécz „I” Ltd.  (Székesfehérvár, Árpád Bath)
  • professional management of historic bath reconstruction
    development of the concept of operation
Balmazújváros City Management Ltd.
  • consultancy
  • professional management of development project
Medical- and Experience Bath Nonprofit Ltd.
  • strategy and development consultancy
  • development of the professional spa management
Miskolc Municipality
  • 1. Development schedule: conducting of Miskolctapolca lido total investment to produce a licensed
  • plan for the 2. development schedule
Veresegyház City Development Ltd.
  • professional consultancy during the development of Veresegyháza thermal bath and spa
  • participation in the preparation of preliminary architectural plans
Rácalmás Council
  •  Development of spa development strategy, preparation of spa concept
Market Construction Ltd.
  • Expert collaboration during the design of the sauna and fitness world of Dagály Swim Complex
  • preparing a study on the future development of Dagály Beach